Lessons & Printables

Here you will find links to all of our lessons and printables. Most language lessons have corresponding free PDF printables. All of our language learner printables contain the vocabulary of the lesson in French and English along with supplemental information including lessons on culture and activities designed to improve your French skills. These are great for you to follow along, teach in your homeschool, or supplement a Rosetta Stone independent study! Other printables coming soon include packing checklists, and more...

Lesson 1, Greetings~~Link to lesson here . The coordinating free PDF file is now available. Click here  to download lesson 1 vocabulary and activities worksheets.  

Lesson 2, Greetings part 2, (practice song)~~Link to lesson here. Free printable: coming soon.''

Lesson 3, Numbers 1-10~~Link to lesson here.

Lesson 4, The French /R/ ~~Link to lesson here.

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