Learn French

Dear language learner,

It matters not what level you are at. No French? medium skill level? fluent? I am glad you are here.

Currently I am working on a masters in French History. But, as a speech path (my day job) with a background in linguistics and language acquisition, I am amazed how hard the beginning of my journey to learn French, my own second language, was.  I have since realized that when one wants to learn any foreign language they must think "MERCI" . "Merci" in French means "thank you". But here at Katie's Language Cafe, MERCI stands for:

M-Master the vocabulary
E-Explore the culture
R-Remember the rules
C-Communicate often
I-Immerse in the language

This is a new blog. But as it grows, you will find posts in all of these areas, theme unit studies to improve your vocabulary and videos to help you on your journey to learn some French.  The LESSONS page includes links to all the posted language lessons, coordinating PDF printables and other resources.  Other links pertaining to language learning will be here.

The MERCI Method Part one: Introduction
The MERCI Method Part two: Master the Vocabulary
The MERCI Method Part three: Explore the Culture
Using movies to increase language proficiency

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