Me, in Paris (Montemartre), Nov. 2013

Bonjour and welcome! Katie's Language Cafe is a community for:
  • French language learners, all levels
  • People who love traveling to France or daydreaming about their first trip!
  • Foodies who want to try out French recipes and learn more about French cooking
  • People who enjoy decorating, cooking, and living their best life
  • Homeschoolers who want to infuse some French culture into their curriculum, including French History and language instruction
  • Francophones (people who are native French speakers)
  • Francophiles (people who admire France, its people or its culture)
I started Katie's Language Cafe to share my loves of  travel, languages, cooking and decorating. A little about me:  By profession, I am a Speech-Language pathologist, giving me a strong background in linguistics and an interest into how languages are acquired. I am currently working on a second Master's in History, with an emphasis on French History, while I become fluent in French by taking classes at the local university, hanging out at every French social gathering within 50 miles, and sneaking off to Paris every chance I get. 
I have also just started the big project of remodeling  and decorating our two story home to take it from Old School eek to French couture chic!

So, join me on my journey to become fluent. Explore French recipes with me. Get travel trips for that first trip to Paris. Learn more about Marie Antoinette and then teach your homeschoolers.  Learn the difference between Rococo and Neo-Classical French decorating and create the French look of your choice in your own home! Find out more about the French culture. We are serving it all up, one post at a time!

photo credit: KLC/ me, at a favorite French cafe, Paris, Nov 2011
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