26 November 2013

Travel Tales: London, Paris and Bruges

Me, at the top of the Sacré Cœur in Montemartre, Nov 2013

Bonjour, my friends.

I am back from an extended trip to London, Paris, and Bruges and look forward to sharing our photos, tales and tips in the coming months here on the blog.

I also came back so inspired and motivated to continue to improve my French. I even found a local monthly meet up group of other people in my area who are learning French just as I am!

The first time I went to Paris, it changed my life. I've been a few times since then and this last trip is no exception.

Travel changes you for the better..

Paris always changes me for the better.

She is the siren song I always hear when my husband says "Where do you want to go visit next".

Au Revoir,

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  1. Hi Katie!!!!

    Being from Montreal, I love french!!!!

    Some Montrealer's like or dislike french, but, I love being around anybody who
    speaks french.

    Can't wait for your pictures!!!


    1. Thanks for stopping by. We have rebranded and all new posts and photos of France going forward will be at the new blog: www.cornerofparkandfrance.com I hope you will join me over there! ~~Katie


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