11 September 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Strawberries in Bruges

Summer is turning into fall, making this photo I took at an open air market in Bruges of these end of season strawberries look all the more appealing. Crate after crate, row after row, each one filled to the brim with plump, perfect, berries...there is something spectacular about European markets that allows them to always turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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  1. I am ecstatic to have found your blog!! I grew up n Antibes, in between Nice and Cannes. Sadly I never traveled much outside our region much, which gives me a good excuse to go back in the near future! Trying to keep my French alive and speak it with my daughter but I need to improve it overall. Do you know of any courses that are good for intermediate speakers?

  2. I think Rosetta Stone is actually a good option for intermediate speakers (not so much for beginners) but the best bang for you buck will be finding a social group to join that meets up monthly where you can practice your French in real life settings and convos or a private tutor even 1-2 times a month. Nothing improves us more or faster than face to face time with French speakers! Thanks for stopping by!


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