23 December 2012

Bonjour mon Amis! I missed you!

Well, I guess the problem with a travel blog is sometimes you just aren't home to write and manage everything. And sometimes other things just take over your time.  I'm sorry for the extended break; I have missed you and our community here!

While I was gone, I finished up my French History Class I was taking via ULM and got an A.

I took a few domestic trips that included Tombstone and Las Vegas.

We had alot of family visitors.

I reached the halfway point in my yoga teacher training program (Did I mention I am getting my yoga teacher training certification?)

I finally (and I do mean FINALLY!)  got my daughter and husband unpacked from their trip to Austria and Germany.
Now for a few announcements!

The weekly recipe linkup will return JANUARY 2013. Be there or be square hungry. The recipes you all have been linking up have been amazing. No one is looking more forward to the linky returning than I am!

I have several giveaways planned for the new year. A few from our generous sponsors and a few are some of my favorite things that I am just dying to share with you and one I am doing in conjunction with several other bloggers and it is big in a culinary way! You don't want to miss it.

I am increasing my own French language study time in the new year and with that I have tentatively planned more language acquisition posts, so if you are here because you are learning French or teaching French in your homeschool, you will be happy with what I have planned.

Come back tomorrow for a fun Christmas themed post.

Seasons Greetings,

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