23 October 2012

Wordless Wednesday: the extraordinary ordinary

Every time I go to France, I come home with well over 400 pictures (if not more) each trip. Sometimes the pictures are of the obvious, sometimes they are of the people, sometimes they are of those normal everyday things that catch my eye, like these did...

Window Boxes Everywhere...

Rows of bicycles waiting for riders to rent...

Small park behind Eiffel Tower...

The Metro...

and this little flower shop...

Wishing you a week where you find inspiration and beauty in often overlooked places.

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  1. Congrats on making the ordinary extraordinary. Thanks for linking up.


  2. What lovely photos, I especially love the metro sign.

  3. It just doesn't get much better than Paris, does it... *happy sigh*

  4. Lovely photos. I don't think I have ever found that park. It makes Paris seem much more peaceful! Thanks for linking up! x

  5. I LOVE Paris and I can't wait to go their again. It is the most wonderful city to take photographs in.


  6. Hi Katie! Nice to meet you :) Thanks for linking up for WW. I'm your newest GFC follower :)


  7. Gorgeous photos! Really love that last one. :)

  8. Beautiful photos! I love France!

  9. I recognize France in your shots!!! Check out my friend's blog...Paris Through my Lens, and Paris and Beyond...I'm thinking you'd love them!!!

  10. Just beautiful. So fun to connect, thanks for stopping by my WW:) xoxo

  11. Wonderful pictures. I love the bikes in a row.

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