15 September 2012

C'est la vie...

                                               One of four views from Eiffel Tower

I have not stopped blogging and Katie's Language Cafe is still going strong. If you tried to visit my blog this past week, I'm sure you noticed...none of the links or pages were working. But if you tried to visit today then you noticed something else: now you can't even visit.


Yep. Blogger is having an issue with blogs pointed towards custom domains and "doing maintenance" and going on day 6 of that now.

How did this happen?

Three days ago I switched the domain of this blog from blogspot to a custom domain; a (dot).com. A relatively easy (and usually painless) process that allows Katie's Language Cafe to be a (dot).com,  and grow my blog further while still being a blogger blog.

Had I waited 12 more hours to do this switch; I would have been locked out of the custom domain feature and my blog would still be working as a blogspot.com blog.

But as (bad) luck would have it,  I switched over just in time to be effectively locked out  and now my blog is not working; affected by the "issues" that blogger is reporting on blogspot blogs who have switched to a custom domain.

Long story short: My blog is currently not viewable accept to those of you receiving posts via email (me to you). You cannot visit me back in any way or link at this time while Blogger does maintenance on this problem. I am told it could be just a few days before all is well again or (gasp) that it could be a few weeks~~Je vais devenir chêvre si cela se produit. -- I'll be so mad if that happens! But what is a girl to do...

I'm very sorry about that.

In the meantime I will keep writing quality content on France, traveling, learning the language, cuisine and posting fab travel pictures and... practicing the virtue of Patience. The Wednesday link up will not be up again until the blogger issue is finished.  And so, C'est la vie (we accept these circumstances as they are) and in the meantime I still get to visit you in your inbox, but I hope the blog is back online soon so you can visit me too.   

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  1. Yikes! Wishing your blog a quick recovery from your Blogspot troubles! I know I was disappointed when mine blacked out for only a couple hours once...but, days...or weeks...! ~heather

  2. Sorry to hear these troubles just keep continuing! Hope it remedies itself soon. Love your blog!

  3. I do, too! I am also a (retired) French teacher but go often to sub for French and Spanish. I look forward to your ideas for the classroom. We spent last summer in the Normandy area after Amsterdam and Paris. Finished in London walking across Abbey Road. When I am not traveling, I like to do so vicariously through others.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment and I bet your French is so good! We have changed this blog and I am now writing about France, travels and learning the French language at www.cornerofparkandfrance.com I hope you will join me over there! ~~Katie


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