06 August 2012

The MERCI method Part 1: Introduction...

photo credit: KFLC/me reading in Paris
(This is the day I got the idea for KFLC & MERCI)
Currently I am working on a masters in French History. But, as a speech language pathologist (my day job) with a masters in communication disorders and sciences and a  background in linguistics and language acquisition, I am amazed how hard the beginning of my journey to learn French, my own second language, was. I have since realized that when one wants to learn any foreign language they must think "MERCI" from the very beginning . "Merci" in French means "thank you", but here at Katie's Language Cafe, MERCI also stands as the acronym for our own unique method for second language acquisition:

M-Master the vocabulary
E-Explore the culture
R-Remember the rules
C-Communicate often
I-Immerse in the language

If you have always wanted to learn some French; now is a great time. It is the start of a new school year coming up and you can learn along with us as we continue to post lessons from the beginning!  If you have always wanted to learn some French or if you are a homeschooler, you can get your child started on a second language, starting with our first language lesson posted here.

The MERCI method, part two will be posted later this week and will delve further into these 5 areas of second language acquisition.  In my opinion, language acquisition is a living thing that grows or dies, depending on the attention it is given. I hope you find your own journey towards acquiring foreign language fluency  benefiting from your time you spend here at Katie's French Language Cafe.  

À la prochaine (until next time),


  1. I am in awe of you! Thank you for sharing on NOBH!

  2. Hi Katie--so glad I found a link to your new French blog just now--I took French in high school, and did great--but, over the years I've wanted to continue to learn to speak it, yet got off to lots of false starts--I've once again been promising myself I'd tackle learning to speak French and even finally become fluent, but I was struggling--learning by myself just wasn't a good thing with me--so, now, I won't need to!--thanks so much for this chance to get learning French off the ground at last[as well as maybe find some good recipes to boot]!:)
    A Bientot,
    [I think I need to download a program that will allow me to type in French--I have no way to place the accents over the letters this way!:)]


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