15 July 2012

Paris in Color Giveaway...

I travel alot. I didn't think that I actually traveled alot, but then when I looked back I realized that I have been to Europe 3 times in the past 13 months.
I haven't written a post on here in awhile. I didn't think it had been that long, but then when I looked it had been 6 weeks.
My perception of time is definitely and completely off kilter in relation to how busy I am. Of course I am one of those people that when they hear someone think of 10 years ago, I think of the 1990s not the 2000s...

But, really? It's been that long? W.O.W.

I am definitely one who lives my life and then blogs and not the other way around, and obviously, my life was saying I needed to organize and refocus over here for a few weeks.

And now, here I am...
but above all...
Inspired. (And who would want to read a blog post that wasn't inspired anyway?)
And so to thank you all for sticking around while I took care of some personal things, I have a few giveaways for you coming up, starting with this one today :-)

This is a fabulous visual feast of a book from Nichole Robertson. Divided into color sections, it shows the many colors of Paris...

The Paris that inspires me...and that I know will inspire you too.
Giveaway ends next weekend (Sunday  July 22, 12:01am). You must live in the USA to win. Good luck!  This giveaway is not affiliated with facebook or twitter in any way. This post is shared with: Hip Homeschool Moms and  No Ordinary Bloghop..

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  1. As a former French teacher (who hasn't spoken real true French in so long I'm actually embarrassed to try again) I'm excited to find this blog!

  2. The book looks lovely--would love to see the pink!

  3. Posted on my Facebook at Hollyhock Cottage!

  4. Is your RSS feed working? I tried to follow it and it took me to an untitled page?

  5. Green is my favorite color!

  6. My favorite color is pink, such a girl! Hehehe.. Shared on fb!

  7. Elizabeth, The RSS feed should be working; it appears to be on my end. Want to try again and let me know if you have better luck? You can always sign up for email delivery too! Thanks for stopping by, Katie :-)

  8. PINK is my favorite color!


    xoxo Shar


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