11 March 2012

Crepes with Almonde Creme

I love crepes. The first time I had crepes I was in New Orleans and it was 1994. I've been a fan ever since.  In Paris, crepes were everywhere...from fancy dishes in sit down restaurants to street side vendors selling them with sugar and cinnamon, or the more popular, Nutella. While I admit, my personal favorite is crepes of the savory variety filled with delicious meat, cheese and sauce combinations, it seemed a shame to not do something wonderful with the strawberries I had purchased this week...

Last night I made quick crepes for my family. While, okay I cheated and used store bought crepes this time (my homemade crepes recipe will have to wait till another post), I did make my family's favorite homemade Almonde Creme to go on top.  These are super easy and your family will love them.  For the creme, you will need: heavy whipping creme, sugar and baker's almond emulsion. (If you do not like almonds) you can use a good vanilla in its stead. If you go this route, I prefer the good stuff, look for "from Madagascar" on the label. But really, you must try it with the almond emulsion at least once...

The recipe~

one pint heavy whipping creme
2 tablespoons almond emulsion
2/3 cup granulated sugar

beat on high for 3-4 minutes until peaks start to form

Take your crepe and fill the center with strawberries.

Roll up, top Generously with the almond creme. Sprinkle plate and top with cinnamon. (The cinnamon really compliments the flavors of the berries and the almonde creme).

Bon app├ętit!  This post is hooked up to the weekend potluck at Meet Penny.


  1. Oh...I've always wanted to know how to make these.....now...I'm hungry!!!! HUGS!

  2. Ooo yum! My husband's family is big on almond-flavored things -- not sure if it's a Dutch thing, or if it's just them... :) Thanks for sharing, and thanks for linking up to NOBH!

  3. Looks like a treat from a fancy restaurant! Thanks for linking up with us at NOBH!

  4. Thank you everyone. It is such an easy recipe and really makes the crepes extra special...i was just thinking it would also be great served on the side with a strawberry or other flavored cake for spring! yum!


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