19 January 2012

Photo Friday...

Photo Credit: KFLC/Stained glass windows at St. Chapelle/Paris


  1. I was searching the net looking for some cool stuff and stummbled accross your site. I wanted to let you know that I think your site has some good pages and that I have already saved this page so I can visit again soon Thanks!

  2. Rebecca, it was one of those moment when I went in and involuntarily let out an audible suck in of breath because it was that beautiful; it literally took my breath away. I felt overwhelmed knowing that St. Chapelle had originally been built for the purpose of housing the artifacts of the Passion of the Christ. I sat there, gazing upward, until my neck hurt. It was ah-maz-ing.

  3. Anonymous, thank you so very much. We just went live this week so we have lots of good stuff coming; lots of good stuff planned!


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