24 January 2012

French Cooking: Cookbook review

I love cooking.

I love eating.

But I digress, le sigh.

I cook alot. And I am always wanting to try new dishes; new cuisines. My husband also loves to cook and is an extremely good cook if I do say so. We have an extensive cookbook collection between us and several are on preparing French cuisine.

But there is only one actually from France...so far.

French Cooking: The Great Traditional Recipes, by Bonechi.

I picked it up at all places, the Arc de Triomphe gift shop on my Paris trip last November. I was looking for a souvenir for my husband. We both love cookbooks that offer bright vivid photos. This one had bright color photos, easy recipes (it seemed) and was paperback--meaning it would travel well back to America with me, and more importantly, travel well that day without being a burden in my pack as I continued my walking tour of Paris.

I purchased the English edition. It is 127 pages.  Recipes are indexed: les entrees, les soupes, les viandes (meat dishes), les poissons (fish) , les lugumes (vegetables/side dishes), and les desserts. Each recipe is labeled three ways: Difficulty (easy, medium difficult), Flavour (mild, medium and strong) and nutritional content (low, medium and high). It also tells which region of France the dish is from.

Recipes are traditional with some bearing traditional ingredients including rabbit, snails, octopus, veal and pig trotters (don't ask) etc. and those are not for the faint of heart. But there are some wonderful more familiar offerings, including: Cheese puffs, savoury cheese tart, onion soup, Normandy potatoes, vegetable soup, ratatouille and crème brûlée

I would consider this a good cookbook for cooks who are new to cooking French cuisine. The photos are helpful and the recipes fairly simple. Additional sidebar tidbits and photos  of the various regions of France are sprinkled throughout.

 It is available from Amazon affiliates here or Barnes and Noble here. For the price (starting as little as .99 on the B & N site), it is a great beginner cookbook for the price for someone wanting to try out French cuisine.

Bon appétit ,


  1. This is wonderful! My husby, who is also a great chef, lived for a few years in Paris. I know the gift I'm getting for him this Christmas!!! Thank you for sharing on NOBH!

  2. So glad you liked it! This really is a nice cookbook for your collection. Great photos and makes French cooking fun! Thanks for stopping by from NOBH!


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